Over the last three and half decades Koss' tactic to win our customer's heart has been the ability to provide excellent product, on-time every time. Performing under rigorous Quality standards has placed us at an advantageous position within today's competitive Aerospace manufacturers and thus allowing us "to become the partner of choice to World Leading Aircraft Manufacturers".

We believe that Quality at Koss is the "lungs of the operation" providing a wealth of information to every aspect of our organization. We understand that supplying products with the highest degree of quality enable us to surpass our customer's expectations, increasing their confidence in our service.
We can only conclude that Quality at Koss Aerospace is not a requirement it is a culture, it is part of what we do on a day to day basis in order to deliver the best product to World Class Aerospace Manufacturers.

All Koss' Aerospace Quality Assurance activities are carried out within a climate-controlled environment. Our facility is equipped with some of the latest in metrological technology, couple with innovative methods to assure the quality of products.


QUALITY POLICY   AS9100 Certificate   CGD Certificate   Multi-Year Accessibility Plan


Koss Aerospace has achieved  the Prestigious Bombardier 4 Star Certification in recognition for it's efforts in achieving excellence. Koss Aerospace is a strategic supplier to Bombardier Aerospace. "Improvement is part of our business strategy"

Koss Aerospace is featured in the fall issue of Manufacturing Today

Koss Aerospace is featured in the September issue of Manufacturing for Profit Magazine

Koss Aerospace installed a second SNK 5 Axis Machining Centre capable of machining components up to 10 feet.  "This aquistion further establishes our ability to seamlessly increase our capacity without impacting customer demands"

Koss Aerospace has installed a fully automated 5 Axis Flexible Manufacturing Cell capable of operating lights out. "This technology further establishes our global competitiveness".

Koss Aerospace was chosen by Bombardier to manufacture critical components for the new C-Series & Global 7000/8000 Aircrafts.

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